Next, we will show you how to customize Boomerang typography settings at a basic level so you can get started with a fresh and original layout.

Changing the typeface

You can esily change the typefaces used in this theme. Boomerang uses two main typefaces: a base one which is used for large content and an alternative one that is used for navigation, headings and titles.

Google fonts

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    Go to Google fonts and choose your webfont. You can import it in the _base.scss file with a CSS @import or directly in the head section of your page via <link> tag. All fonts are now included in the head section via <link> tag

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    Copy and paste $font-family-base from _variables.scss to _custom.scss from the same folder replace its value with the font you want to use on large text content.

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    The same thing with the alternative font. Afterwards, edit $font-family-alt (_variables.scss) with the font you want to use on headings, headers or special titles. Replace both variables with the same value if you want only one font type on your website.

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    Save and compile the new stylesheet.

Manual import

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    Copy the font files in the fonts folder: /assets/fonts/other

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    Open assets/scss/core/_fonts.scss file from the SASS folder and create your font type as you can see in the example put there.

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    Replace $font-family-base and/or $font-family-alt from _variables.scss file with the font family name you just created following the same steps as for the "Google fonts".